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Powerful Human Candle 7.76oz *8 scents available

Powerful Human Candle 7.76oz *8 scents available

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  • *All natural

  • *wooden wick

  • *eco friendly

  • *burn time of approximately 45 hours

  • *made with love


  • The Bubbly Pomegranate candle is fun and effervescent! Brighten up any room with a bubbly aroma of pomegranates and Champagne. This special fragrance is designed to create a space of happiness and laughter.

  • Home is the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and spice. It is designed to clear a space for moments and memories. May you find a sense of home no matter where you are in the world.

  • Jasmin and Sandalwood is the perfect combination of soft floral and sandalwood that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. This fragrance is designed to create a space of confidence.

  • The Sage and Leather scent is clean and fresh and will treat your senses with fresh cut sage mixed with a touch of lavender and musk. It is designed to clear a space for success and prosperity.

  • The Spruce and Red Currant scent is a combination of fresh cut greens with a touch of holiday spice.  This will be your favorite holiday candle year after year!  The special fragrance was designed for the winter season, but many enjoy it year-round! Ignite your candle and create a space of gratitude and joy.

  • Warm Hug is just as it sounds, a light fresh scent that will remind you of a warm cotton blanket straight out of the dryer. It has a mix of vanilla and fresh loving energy. Warm hug is designed to create a space of love and peace.

  • The fresh and energizing CITRUS scented candle is bursting with grapefruit and lemon. It is designed to create a space of positivity and clarity and is perfect for any room.

  • The PEACE AND QUIET candle has touches of calming lavender, rosemary, and cedar wood, it will help life’s stresses melt away.  Finding a peaceful balance for both mind and body is a vital part of living life to its fullest. Create a space for Health and Wellness.

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