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Fresh Rainier Cherries

Fresh Rainier Cherries

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Order a custom packed crate of Washington Cherries. 3, 6, or 12 pounds of extra large, Rainier Cherries sorted and shipped in our marvelous wooden crate. Our Cherries are harvested in the early morning, cooled to 33F, hand packed and shipped - up to ten times faster (and fresher) than supermarket Cherries.

All our fruit crates ship with a freshness guarantee on next day shipping. As such, we endeavor to pack the highest quality fruit gift box on the market today. Our desire is to be the best, not the cheapest - because no one deserves cheap fruit!

Cherries will be ready end of June/beginning of July *pre-order today!

Cherry orders are shipped on Monday through Wednesday. Orders placed Weds-Sun will not ship until the coming Mon, Tues.

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